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Yes, Yahoo! YUI and WordPress can Get Along

I would like to declare that after almost 5 years of working on implementing Yahoo! CSS Grids and Yahoo! Javascripts, I can say that we can implement YUI into our WordPress blog themes, of course, the self-hosted ones.

It is also important to mention that I only understand the concept and rational of the “Rock-Solid Hybrid WordPress theme developed by Justin Tadlock. I must admit that I have tried many times utilizing many other wordpress frameworks, but  I must say that Hybrid Theme Framework is the simplest one to understand and very flexible to extend, endless possibility.

Justin developed the following themes based on his “hybrid-core’ framework

  1. Hybrid Theme
  2. Hybrid Base Theme and
  3. Stargazer

The first one is the one that I am using as Hybrid Theme for developing many child-themes. Secondly I am also using hybrid-base, but at this point just as testing stage.

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