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Hello world! This is WordPress Yahoo! User Iinterface

Top Part of YUI-fied WordPRess Theme

I have been learning blogging since 2002 and started learning about theme development in 2006. In 2007, I became interested in developing themes based on the most famous and elegant Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) CSS Grids that I think so far still the most elegant one for CSS framework.

I know that the Yahoo! User Interface Library  itself has stopped developing further version recently. I also know that not many people are interested in working on YUI-Based or YUI-fied Themes, however, out of my personal passion, due to my love to seeing YUI CSS Grids elegantly display wordpress content, I am still manipulating wordpress themes and thinking of developing it further. Not developing YUI CSS Grids, but manipulate layout and content of wordpress themes.

In the meantime, I came across with Caridy Patiño’s YUI Bubbling Library. HIs YUI Bubbling is also dis-continued, unfortunately. However, the ones that I have downloaded are still with me, and I can still work with those JavaSripts for Tabview and Accordion manipulation. What Caridy Patiño has been doing also gave me examples that we can utilize YAHOO! UI for various purposes, in this case for me to implement YUI in WordPress theme.

I have used free wordpress blogs: and  to explore more possibilities by inviting others out there to think about developing wordpress themes based on Yahoo! UI CSS Framework, but no luck. It is already 5 years since then, and I found myself as a single fighter diving into the sea, not knowing how deep it is and worse, not knowing how to get to the shore.

Sancta Simplicitas: minimalistic WordPress theme using YUI CSS and as well as John Turner theme called Twordder inspired me and gave me clue that I can still continue developing wordpress theme based on yahoo CSS grids as well as Yahoo JS Library in general. A few while later I found another WP Theme based on Yahoo! CSS Grids: called Obandes. I am stronger, and clearer on what to do.

Both Obandes and Twordder WordPress Themes helped me in setting up theme  functions.php for the css grids so that I can set up grids on theme admin section. With their method, I can now set at the theme admin whether two colums, one column, outer and inner left or right, and also change the width of the whole theme from 7\custom width to 100% width.

Today is 18 June, a week after my birthday on 10 June 2017, I just bought this domain called WPYUI (WordPress Yahoo! User Interface) in order to officially run the theme development.

I must make it clear, that I am personally the strongest supporter and user of all themes based on the rock-solid, robust and logical and easily editable WordPress theme developmed by Justin Tadlock called Hybrid Theme. (I will let you know more about Mr. Tadlock and his Hybrid Theme in a separate note).

I hope that this work I am happy to get involved with will finally bear fruit, i.e., generate small income for me in the future.




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