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It is just a feeling, I don’t have any rational explanation why I want to have google search box my all my blogs. This time I am using an example of a website that I personally run myself, putting all news and information on churches in Western New Guinea, or politically called West Papua.

The Look of the Custom Search form

I am using one form with two options available in the form, the first one is to “Search Results from THIS Site”, and another form is to “Search the Site from the Web”, or take all information available from the web all across the globe.

Google Search Form for Searching the blog via
Google Search Form for Searching the blog via

(I will write another entry on Yahoo! Search form, but let me continue with search form)

Just look at this image. There is search form available, you can enter any word, of course, it preferably words related to the blog, and then choose either “This Site”, or “The Web” button on the right side, then press the “Search” button available.

Once you press it, the window will go directly to the search results, as can be seen in the next image, where the types “word” or “words” are also included and the address of the website also added on the search result. Custom Search, Search Results from This Site Custom Search, Search Results from This Site

Now the blog url is also displayed, and then the results of the word type, i.e, gereja papua is also shown.

Additional Note on My Introduction to the Internet and to the Custom Search and This Search Box

I was introduced to, and also to the Internet by a British retired serviceman from the British Air Force Service way back in 1999. I do not have any education in internet or computer. I learned by looking at what he was doing.

I liked this custom search and have been using since 2004. Latter on I was interested in Google Tabbed Search form where you get the results in tab and you can click the web, books, images, news, etc from the search results. But discontinued and from this time on, I actually practically stopped using search. Just last week, I tried to ask Mr. Google, as we call it. regarding custom search and checked if I can still use the search form I created some years back.

Now go back to Custom Search Results from “The Web”

When I click “Search” “The Web”, then display all inputs from all websites around the world. I just tried to input my custom search API key just produced last night (today is November 08, 2018) and realised is giving API key right now and I can use the key to my created Search Form.

Search from "The Web" Search Results from Custom Search
Search from “The Web” Search Results from Custom Search

As can be seen from the image, the search box does help me to stay in my blog, and search anything from right from my blog. I do not need to open a new window to do that.

Final Note

  1. Now I am glad that I can finally make use of custom search to search the results from display from but I can choose either to display only from my current blog or from the web.
  2. Another note to make is that now I can use custom search “Without Plugin” Yes, I like hacks and scripts that is done “Without Plugin”, primarily because people “Sell” those plugins after sometime they give it for free.
  3. I am using the simplest, but rock-solid plus robust and fully customize-able WordPress Theme called Hybrid Theme created by Justin Tadlock. I am working on more options for including ads and featured posts.

(I must apologize for my English, plus my lack of knowledge of custom search. What what I am doing here is just teaching myself back on what I am actually doing, so that I do not forget as the time passes. And I must admit, I have forgotten so may things. I am not a modern person, I am a tribesperson and I am not part of this modernized globalized world, by the way. I started to learn Internet not to spread my news around the world, but to put SIGNPOSTS to the world, so that if possible at all, people stop coming to my Island, as the more they come the more they destroy my natural, simple, paradise world of the Isle of New Guinea)


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