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Hybrid Child and Vanuatu Child Themes, Based on One Theme, Displayed in Two Different CSS Styles

Hybrid Child Theme

Hybrid Child (HC) and Vanuatu Child Themes, Based on One Hybrid Core Theme, Displayed in Two Different CSS Styles

"Vanuatu" Hybrid Child Theme
“Vanuatu” Hybrid Child Theme

As I am saying in all entries in this blog, I am already satisfied with what Justin Tadlock had done with his “hybrid-core” theme framework and “hybrid” wordpress theme. In fact Justin had gone further developing two more core themes that he calls “stargazer” and recently “mythic”, but I am still happy with his old “hybrid” parent theme.

The most obvious reason is that this “hybrid” theme is very simply rational, as it is logically organised. Any new learner in WordPress themes like myself will understand what Mr. Tadlock is doing in his theme. And likewise, we can also easily go ahead and easily figure out what we can do to develop or extend or customize further based on his parent “hybrid” theme. The proof is I myself. I did not know anything about WordPress Themes until 2013, when I was assigned by my local cooperatives (tribal elders who are coffee cooperative) to sell our Baliem Blue Coffee to foreign market. I was then forced to set up online store and

"hc" Hybrid Child Theme
“hc” Hybrid Child Theme

market it though Internet. I was forced to learn WordPress themes.

The “HC” and “Vanuatu” Hybrid Child Themes

Both child themes use the rock-solid, most comprehensive and most flexible WordPress Theme, the Hybrid Theme by Justin Tadlock, but the first one, “HC” stands for “HybridChild” is mainly build based on the Hybrid Theme layout. However, the “vanuatu” hybrid child theme is built based on “Yahoo! UI CSS Grids” layout, based on the Hybrid Base theme framework.

Vanuatu symbolizes a simple, natural, lightweight by elegant theme hat represents the real country called the Republic of Vanuatu, a Melanesian Country in the South Pacific, where most happiest human beings live. This is why it is faster in loading “vanuatu” child theme. Hybrid Base Theme is very basic theme, added into “Vanuatu” child theme, which also calls very limited css files and no js files.

The have the same colouring, but they have very different background layout.

Please go to “” to see the “vanuatu” child theme in display, and go to both “” and “” to see the “hc” child theme in display.

The “HC” Child Themes

“HC” stands for Hybrid Child, and I have created quite a number of “hc” child themes. I can see how this will become a Parent Theme called HC, carries the name “Hybrid Child”.

The “hc” in uses “page-home.php” as the home-page display page, and the other one “” displayed with “page.front-page.php” template. The “page-home.php” template comes from the “news” wordpress theme created by Justin Tadlock and other colleagues as “devnews” at that time. An then the “page-front-page.php” template comes from Justin Tadlocks’ Hybrid News Child Themes, can be accessed at “”

Both have the same content, the only difference is the “home” page or “front-page”.

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