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I am Jhon Yonathan Kwano

I am Jhon Yonathan Kwano, a coffee seller from West Papua. Today I am the Papua Coffee Seller, travelling to Bali, Java and Sulawesi, as well as other parts of West Papua. My introduction to WordPress and WordPress theme started from my work as coffee seller, in looking for selling coffee online.

I am right now based in Yogyakarta, Jakarta and Jayapura, but travels occasionally to some parts of Asia and Indonesia in promoting Papua Coffee, Wamena Single Origin in particular. Please visit: PAPUA.coffee website for more information. If you want to buy my coffee, please go to www.malanesiastore.com


My Introduction to Blogging and WordPRess Theme

I started to be interested in blogging, and in particular WordPress when I was introduced to an Online Shop by a web hosting and domain reseller in Yogyakarta. He bought me my first domain ever: www.papuamart.com, which is now my Online Store for selling my coffee. He was a webhost and domain reseller, but also selling Spy Camera, CCTV Camera, etc at Ramai Mall, Malioboro Jogjakarta, Central Jawa, Indonesia.

He also gave me the theme called “minimarket”, which he bought but gave me the theme in a folder. From this theme in the folder, I started to figure out how it works and how the codes displayed in blog, the colour, display, etc.

Sometime later, I search the google.com looked for WordPress themes that are easy to use for me. At the same time, I also wanted to see if I can develop my wordpress theme.

Some ten years before, I have seen Justin Tadlock’s Options WordPress.com theme from someone else. He was working on his blog and showed me how easy to manipulate and use the theme. Of course, I did not understand what he was talking, but I remembered the name “Justin” and Options theme. Just now I visited the links I just given but unfortunately, that theme called “Options Theme” is not available anymore. The colour was nice, the options available were very useful and user-friendly. I used to analyse everything available inside folders and files, slowly but surely.

This very “Options WordPress Theme” by Justin Tadlock actually made me interested in learning more about theme development.

Justin Tadlock himself comments on his blog regarding this theme

I’m not even sure where to begin when I type “features” because it would be a daunting task to type them all out. Here’s some things you can play around with, but there’s so much more you can do. <http://justintadlock.com/archives/2008/02/24/options-wordpress-theme>

I totally agree with him regarding many options available in this theme, but I am very sorry that I cannot download this very theme anymore.

Another theme that I found interesting was Structure WordPress.com theme. Even though I cannot download it now, it does have link to themehybrid.com by Justin Tadlock.

What I found out with this theme was first elegant looking, it does elegantly display blog content. Secondly uses JS for Tabs and tabbed content. This two distinguishing aspects were in my mind when searching for alternative wordpress theme.

I ended up finding Yahoo! CSS Framework (or YUI CSS Grids) as the replacement for the “elegant display”, and later on also found out that Yahoo! JS also useful for tabs and tabviews in content display.

After a few years, then I found out that Yahoo! Bubbling Library the YUI Bubbling Library by Caridy Patino interesting and useful for tabs and accordion to the blog content. It also became a core element in my child-theme framework. However, I must once again express my disappointment that this Bubbling Library was discontinued by Caridy himself, and then he moved to YUI3 Library Development.

But then what happened? Yahoo! itself shut down, or ended its development activities. In its “Important Announcement Regarding YUI They present their reasons, which I do not underestand because I have no knowledge on Javascript or JS Library at all. What I am interested and what I can do myself is to use the Yahoo! YUI Library (CSS and JS Frameworks) for my wordpress themes.


My Journey into Hybrid Theme Framework, Hybrid Theme and Hybrid Child Theme

As I said before, I fell in love in WordPress and WordPress theme because of Options Theme that right now not downloadable anymore. Then I fell in love with Yahoo! CSS Grids and JS Frameworks, but then as I said again, YUI also stopped. Further on YUI Bubbling Library that I found very interesting and elegant also stopped. What a world!

I then started to see myself if I can still make use of Yahoo! CSS Framework and Yahoo! Bubbling Library, and this very theme that I am using in this blog is the outcome of it.

This Child Theme that I call “Yahoo! WP Hybrid” or “YUI WP Hybrid” is an example. I use Yahoo! CSS Grids any version for grids and reset fronts, plus version 2.2.2 for Tabview, plus YUI Bubbling JS version 2.0 .

YUI Bubbling Library is useful primarily for Yahoo! Accordion and Bubbling activity.

Above all, I want to acknowledge the brilliant work contributed by Justin Tadlock to WordPress.com Themes, with his Hybrid Theme Framework and Hybrid Theme plus Hybrid Base Theme.

I must admit that I miss the “Options Theme” but Justed has paid this by producing more themes and plugins. His new WordPress Theme framework that he calls “Stargazer” is still unfamiliar to me, I have not yet spent time to analyse the structure and framework as I did with Options Theme and Hybrid Theme framework.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi,

    I enjoyed your article on http://wpyui.com/about/yuify-hybrid-child-theme.html . I especially liked how lucid the article was.

    I gather you have linked to https://themehybrid.com/hybrid-core from that page.

    Would you consider linking to us?

    Guru99 link – Selenium tutorial(https://www.guru99.com/creating-keyword-hybrid-frameworks-with-selenium.html)

    I did be happy to share your page with our 30k Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin Followers.


  2. Hi Alex, Yes, I will look into what you have done from your link and be happy to learn from you guys.

    Will link to you as well but will see what word is suitable to link to you.

    Thank you.

    For your interest, there are varieties of YUI CSS and YUI Bubbling based WP Theme I am doing, out of my own personal interest:
    1. http://yikwanak.com
    2. http://melanesia.net
    3. http://epapua.com

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