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Another Hybrid Child Theme?

Hbrid Child Theme
Hbrid Child Theme

Why We Utilise Hybrid Word Press Theme is another question to answer. Well, perhaps not really question by it might be of interest for those Word Press-ers and WPTheme-rs.

It is  probably the question that people already asked when visiting this website. I have the first answer, a short one, “because hybrid theme is simple, and rational, and fully flexible to extend to anywhere anyone would like to go”. A more complete version of the answer is as I have stated in my Child Theme style.css, in Theme Description as follows:

Hybrid Theme is simply a “simple-complex” user-friendly, search-engine optimized parent theme, featuring more than 20 custom page templates and multiple widget-ready areas, featured image, custom menus, allowing you to create any type of site you want. It is the robust and most logically coded  WordPress Theme Framework with functions that can be exapanded and extended anywhere you want to travel blogwise. HybridChild Theme by Jhon Kwano walks you further by YUI JavaScript Bubbling Library – version number 2.1., Copyright (c) 2009, Caridy Patino with Extension in calling Yahoo! Tabview, Container, and bubbling. It integrates the famous & elegant YUI CSS and Javascript Frameworks for layout and styles. There are Custom Posts Types plus Custom Entry Meta and custom taxonomy. A very user friendly child theme for its complete navigation menus (breadrumb, sidebar with additional navigations menus). In addition, Andrew Kennedy’s WP Show-Hide and Joshua Unseth’s Subtitler Plugins are integrated in this theme framework. It works both as a framework to build child themes on or grand child themes, and as a stand alone clean theme for a blog site. It includesextended widget areas in the header, content, sidebar, and footer.

When you want to activate all child-themes by Jhon Kwano, then you are going to read this above child-theme description.



I have said in many places and different occasions, admittedly subjectively, that Hybrid Theme is very simple theme, lightweight, and clean theme. Furthermost, and this is the most important aspect for me, is that Hybrid Theme deploys Hybrid Core Framework that is very simple, but at the same time very logistically organised, and not just that, can be extended with countless of usages and functionalities. It can be done just by adding “add_theme_supports(); or by adding completely adding new functions into our child theme.

For example, I have added “subtitle”[entry-subtitle]  and “post-note” [entry-post-note] as two additional functionalities into my Hybrid Child Themes, and this can be done so easily.



By simple I don’t mean it is  basic or base, but I it means I do understand what the theme is doing just by looking at the structure of the theme, looking at the folders, and the file-names, I can see what is being done within the theme. I have known other framework before hybrid core framework and spent sometime to figure out what they are doing, and what they want me to do. I have seen they are not user-friendly, the folders structures are confusing, and they appear to be experts in WordPress theming and by that way I become foolish and do not know anything and thus cannot do anything with their theme framework other than buy their core frameworks. I know this is business, but also they do not know what they are doing to others.

I fully support what Justin Tadlock has been doing so far, producing free themes, and I hope my passion on developing Child Themes and utilizing Yahoo! CSS Grids will become an interest for others out there.