Why YUI-fy Hybrid Child Theme

There are three things here:

  1. First Hybrid Core Framework,
  2. Second Why Hybrid Child Theme, and
  3. Third, Why Yahoo! UI in Hybrid Child theme.

So the question is why use Yahoo! User Interface Library in creating WordPress Hybrid WordPress Theme , why not other theme frameworks available out there and why not use other CSS and grids frameworks.

In a separate page on why using Hybrid Child Theme it was clear that WordPress Child Theme utilizing Hybrid Theme or Hybrid Core Framework is just due to the reason of “simple”, logically structured, and one more, it is a robust theme. Please go to the page for further explanation.

Now, this page is about “Why Hybrid YUI Child Theme” or Why using YUI and Why Choose Hybrid Theme in creating WordPress Child Theme.

Well, the answer for using the YUI is simple, I use YUI CSS Grids and YUI Skin.css for an elegant display. Just by adding YUI CSS grids, you will already see you blog is presented elegantly. Besides it is also stable and comprehensive. Most of the bugs are fixed, and just ready for me to use, and they are browser-friendly.

I cannot find out more than that. I know that YUI Library has been depreciated, but the CSS Grids they have created, the YUI2 ones are perfect for me to design a stable and elegant child theme.

Hybrid Theme

I use hybrid theme because it has four aspects that I admire

  1. first, yes, it is simple, in a sense the way it is organised in a simple way, not complicated for anyone llke myself to know what the theme is doing. Compared to other themes, I have tried to understand many other WordPress Theme frameworks that I do not want to mention here, and even tried to use them for sometime, but the more I learned, the more it realised I did not know what they were talking about. Until I found Hybrid Theme by Justin Tadlock and realised how simple he presented the hierarchy and layout.
  2. secondly, it is rational, meaning easy to understand. I understood why he uses ‘library/hybrid.php’, and then learned how Justin organised files into various sections such as “class”, “extensions”, functions”. You can easily understand why each file within these folders are doing. The file names also speaks very clear language, for example, core.php, breadcrumbs.php, shortcodes.php tell you what each of them are doing within the theme.
  3. thirdly, it is comprehensive, because you can do so many things with this framework. You can build completely a new theme, you can also create child themes. And even more, you can use grand-child-theme. Justin Tadlock also explains about this, and I am already creating some grand-child-themes myself.
  4. Lastly, hybrid theme framework is flexible, as I can do anything I want to do with this theme framework. To understand and experience this, you need to try out a different theme framework and see how limited you are to do anything to the theme.

Hybrid Child Theme

I am advocating Hybrid Child Theme basically because I am not a WordPress Theme expert and I do not know how to do things within a theme such as “update” my theme, “upload my them”, “make my themes available for other people to download, sell my themes, etc. These technical issues limit myself into creating just child themes.


For me YUI CSS Grids, and YAHOO! Javascripts are two most elegant products I have come to know. I like the way YUI CSS Grids display blogs on the screen. The logic of YUI CSS Grids is similar to the logic of Hybrid Core Theme.

If you read the first ever entry I have ever read in my life on YUI CSS Grids entitled “Crash Course: YUI Grids CSS” by  

I have also expressed my view on this blog: http://wpyui.com/2011/07/17/crash-course-yui-grids-css-3/


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