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Yes, Yahoo! YUI and WordPress can Get Along

I would like to declare that after almost 5 years of working on implementing Yahoo! CSS Grids and Yahoo! Javascripts, I can say that we can implement YUI into our WordPress blog themes, of course, the self-hosted ones.

It is also important to mention that I only understand the concept and rational of the “Rock-Solid Hybrid WordPress theme developed by Justin Tadlock. I must admit that I have tried many times utilizing many other wordpress frameworks, but  I must say that Hybrid Theme Framework is the simplest one to understand and very flexible to extend, endless possibility.

Justin developed the following themes based on his “hybrid-core’ framework

  1. Hybrid Theme
  2. Hybrid Base Theme and
  3. Stargazer

The first one is the one that I am using as Hybrid Theme for developing many child-themes. Secondly I am also using hybrid-base, but at this point just as testing stage.

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Hybrid News WoordPress Theme is Now YUI-fied

This is to announce a new development of our theme called Hybrid New YUI that can be downloaded for free and we hope that it will serve its purpose: promote news and information from remote places on the world, through elegant looking blog.

The description of the theme says as follows

A “simple-complex”, plus User-Friendly child theme of the Rock-Solid and most comprehensive Hybrid WordPress parent theme with various breadcrumbs on right heaader and before primary sidebar as well as widgets additions for home. singular and archive pages that can be activated by add_theme_support on theme functions.php, utilising the famous YUI CSS and Javascript Frameworks for layout and styles with Custom Posts Types

There has been various activities going on in expanding already rock-solid Hybrid Theme Framework developed by the kindness of Justin Tadlock

There is further development going on, both non-YUI and YUI-fied Child Themes.

We are looking into developing a fully YUI-fied WordPress Theme but still on the way.

We hope you enjoy. Thank you.