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10 Things I Learned While Interning at YUI

For eight months, I had the opportunity to intern with the YUI Team at Yahoo, while I was completing my engineering degree. Today, I’d like to share the top ten things that I learned from my experience with YUI.

A Bit of Background

The YUI Team is primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of the YUI Library. The library is a collection of user-interface components, class management tools, and utilities written in JavaScript and CSS that make it easier for developers to create web applications. Unlike other libraries, YUI is not just about DOM manipulation; it has a rich set of class management tools and a robust event system that makes it easier to develop in JavaScript.

Apart from that, the YUI Team is also responsible for YUI Theater, a very popular resource for web developers, along with a myriad of smaller tools such as YUI Builder, YUI Compressor, YUI Test and more.

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My Comment

I am trying to dig into various possibilities of incorporating some or major elements of YUI into my WordPress themes, in particular by utilizing what I call the “rock-solid” and “most comprehensive” as well as “robust” Hybrid WordPress Theme Framework by Justin Tudlock.

Well, I followed Justin not just now, but since he first released his theme called “Options Theme” which far before all other plugins and hooks were developed.

This particular entry/ article is important for me to follow it up in order to make use the Hybrid Theme and then YUI-fy the theme framework. The outcome of YUI-fying the Hybrid Theme is what I call “My Papua Theme Framework” or “WP WP Framework”. By the way, the Double “WP”s stand for “West Papua WordPress” or “WordPress West Papua”.

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YUI GRIDS is Applied into the Robust Hybrid Word Press Theme Framework

Without Major Modifications into the Theme, but only with Additions to the Hybrid WordPress Theme Functions

Well, I am not the one to be happy for this. Credits must go to Justin Tadlock, the author of the robust and comprehensive WordPress Theme, Hybrid  WordPress Theme Framework, the user-friendly, search-engine optimized parent theme, featuring 15 custom page templates and multiple widget-ready areas and for the YUI Grids implementation theme functions to Victor Goh, the author of a WordPress called yui-css-grid, A YUI Grid CSS based WordPress theme. YUI Grids CSS. This theme is based on the yui-app-theme and comes with 8 color schemes, 5 page widths and 6 layout combinations. Color scheme – dark blue, facebook, green, greenish, orange, purple, red, tan blue and custom. Page width – 750px, 950px, 974px, 100% fluid and custom. Page layout – 6 combinations of right and left sidebar with different widths. Customize your theme using the Dashboard menu Themes > Customize Theme after installing this theme.

With this modifications, I am now able to style the Hybrid Theme Framework and display them with YUI GRIDS layout.

The YUI GRIDS Layout has some the choices #doc, #doc2, #doc3, #doc4 and #custom_doc with varieties of left or right sidebars.

It is worth to notice as well that I also added two more menus, i.e., Footer Menu as an additional menu for joined after the Primary Menu Navigation (Page Menu Navigation) of the Hybrid Theme; and secondly I also added functionality for disabling and enabling subsidiary and secondary sidebars in singular.php and page-single page display. There is also Login/Logout Menu added here, copying from another verison of of Hybrid Theme called News WordPress Theme developed by Justin Tadlock and his colleague at  DevPress.

All of my themes will apply the same Navigation Menus as well as the disable/enable functionality for sidebars.