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ScreenShots of Hybrid Child Theme So far

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Hello world! I am Yahoo! Addict, and Hybrid Theme Lover

I am Yahoo! Addict, and Hybrid Theme Lover

Yes, I love Yahoo! its elegance display, and I love Hybrid Theme by Justin Tadlock for its simple, comprehensive, and more importantly expandable rock solid theme called “the hybrid theme”, or it is named as “ Theme Framework” by Mr. Tadlock himself.

The Hybrid Core Framework is easy to extend to whatever I want. For example, I can add more menus and contents wherever I can, as well as create custom posts and do other things just by adding theme support “add_theme_support();” As I repeatedly say in this blog, the Hybrid Theme Framework is also structured in  a way that elementary theme developer will understand what these framework is doing for the theme.

I have added more things, pages, functions, widgets and menus, but I can still allowed to do so.

I do not want to bee too defensive to these framework, but I must acknowledge Hybrid WordPress Theme is the last one I have tried. For a few years I have been working with other theme framework, even I started with the “revolutionary work” on theme framework called “sandbox” at PlainTxt Blog, created by  Scott Allan Wallick.

I did spend sometime to learn how Sandbox WordpPress Theme