One Click Hybrid Child Theme

One Click WordPress Child Theme at

Opening Note

I have been developing WordPress Child Themes based on the Rock-Solid, comprehensive and yet most expandable WordPress theme called Hybrid Theme, developed by Justin Tadlock.

Right now I already know that Justin have developed StarGazer and Exale Theme, however I am still developing based on the old Hybrid Theme. I am learning by doing, and nobody ever taught me. So I hope I will stop at this Theme Framework.

OneClick Child Theme

I am using the term “OneClick” because I am intending to display most of the contents of the blog right in front page or home page rather than only displaying summaries or recent updates. Only at one click, you have all you need right in front page or home page. Most of the contents and even other related contents are loaded utilizing Google RSS Feed. Many RSS Feed content are also displayed in front page.

I am using the YUI Bubbliing Library by Caridy Patiño, where he previously developed YUI Bubbling hacks. His accordion utilizing YUI Container, YUI Tabview, both CSS Stylesheets and Javascripts, as well as YUI Bubbling Core, Accordion and Dispatcher Javascripts from Bubbling Library with Accordion CSS Stylesheet are used to deploy most of the contents inside Accordions.

I have checked Caridy Patiño is now not using YUI2 anymore and even he abandoned YUI Bubbling Library. NOT ONLY that also YUI 2 is already discontinued. However, for the sake of my own taste, I am still using them.

Look at this one example at

One Click WordPress Child Theme at
One Click WordPress Child Theme at

I take this one example from my blog This bloog is dedicated to show Melanesian Wisdom that are expressed in our culture, our way of life, our expression and our actions.

I divide this up into four major sections. Section One is top area, where you can see Featured Content displayed in Tabview. There is Featured Slider, in Tab One, then three more tabs for other contents.

Section two is the content, that contains summary of selected articles from selected categories at my admin area.

The fourth section is the Accordioned Content in the middle of the site. You can see many RSS Feed are container within the YUI Bubbling Accordion hack.

There are a lot of RSS Feed content from other websites that I manage and also one or two from other websites managed by other people.

This RSS Feed section also presented “hard coded” Popular Posts by comment, visits/ or views and by categories. This

Then at the bottom part, there is “subsidiary” section, where other contents also presented. Some are hard-coded, others are dynamic content.

Closing Remarks: My Hope….

I am not sure I am doing it right or not right, but one thing for sure, is that I am happy with what I have achieved so far, and I will further work on developing the accordion and tabview and content display in more dynamic way.

I am limiting myself in learning or attending courses on JavaScript or PHP codes because I have come so far as results of learning by doing. I want to continue the same way until whatever happens in the future.

My hope is that someone out there in this planet earth, who find this interesting, please let me know. Or even if you think this is funny and unworkable, then also let me know, so that I delete my hope and end my efforts here.

It is also my hope that Justin Tadlock, Caridy Patino, and other guys whose work I am manipulating here, will come across with this blog and give me their opinions. Only hope so…