WPYUI Hybrid Child Theme

Hbrid Child Theme

The hybrid Child Project took more than 10 years to become a real WordPress child theme for public sharing. The first reason is that I am a “stone-age” generation, born in stone-aged era and just starting to understand how modern means of communication work in blogging. It is just like watching a film, I came to realise how Internet works and how blogs become important part of the Internet in communicating information, news and ideas.

I learned WordPress.com officially since 2013. I did not have a clue what WordPress.com is even though I have seen WordPress theme some years before. I bought many books, in my effor

I have been using Hybrid Theme for my blogs for sometime, then I fell in love with various child-themes available at ThemeHybrid.com of JustinTadlock.com

Sometime later, I realised how comprehensive and user-friendly it is when I started to extend more functionalities as well as expand the content, from additional menus at the top, side and bottom of my blogs into adding more contents after content and at the sidebars.

Today is 1 Juli 2017, I have developed 8 versions of my Hybrid Child Theme, and I know I will stop sometime after I reach version 1.10 or  version 2.0. This Hybrid Child theme is based on the Hybrid Theme that Justin had developed, based on his Hybrid Theme Framework.