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Three Breadcrumbs for Most WPYUI Themes

My Yahoo! UI (WPYUI) Themes utilizing the most comprehensive, rock-solid Hybrid Core WordPress theme has three major breadcrumbs:

  1. The first one I call it Tags Breadcrumb, situated on the right of the header, containing additional information on pages beings shown.
  2. The second one is classic breadcrumb that comes on top of the content or main content.
  3. The third breadcrumbs of WPYUI is situated on the sidebar, mostly at “before_primary” sidebar that contains more detailed information about the screen being shown, for example, sub-pages and sub-categories for pages and categories respectively.

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Add Action Hack to Register Sidebars, Menus and Widgets

Hybrid Child Menu Order

I have been editing, themes for more than 5 years not, and I have been doing these just by learning from books but mostly learning by doing. Today, 29 June 2017 I found myself confused why some of my extended/ additional widgets appear before Main Sidebar/ Widgets and why others appear after main sidebar/ widgets

/* Register sidebars. */ add_action( 'init', 'hybrid_theme_register_sidebars', 11 );

Hybrid Child Theme Sidebars / Widgets after adding action hooks
Hybrid Child Theme Sidebars / Widgets after adding action hooks

For example in my Hybrid Theme we have Primary, Secondary and Subsidiary Sidebars, plus Before Container, Before Content, After Singular, After Content and After Content Widgets. These are the “Main Sidebar/ Widgets” that come with the Hybrid Theme. Now, when I want to add more widgets/ sidebars to my Child Theme that I call “Hybrid Child Theme”. I added Home Sidebar, Archive Sidebar, Home Top Sidebar, Home Middle Sidebar and Home Bottom Sidebar, then when I click on Admin “Apperaance/Widgets”, it will appear like below:

Hybrid Theme Child Widgets before Changing the Order
Hybrid Theme Child Widgets before Changing the Order

After adding Number “11” to the add_action in functions.php, then the order of the additional widgets and sidebars follow after primary widgets and sidebars, as seen in the following image

Exactly the same thing happens with Menus, the primary and secondary menus appear after the additional menus in Child Theme if we register the additional menus without adding Number “11” or “12” or whatever it is after add_action Hooks. The following image shows the order of menus before adding the number

Hybrid Child Menu Order
Hybrid Child Menu Order Before Adding No. 11

Now after adding number “11” in this cafe, like this

then the following is what happens on the Admin Menu section

Hybrid Child Menu Order
Hybrid Child Menu Order after Adding No. 12

/* Register additional menus for HybridChild theme. */ /* Register additional menus for HybridChild theme. */ add_action( 'init', 'hybrid_child_register_menus', 11 );

For me this is a good revelation, from learning by doing. I know many people in the world out there have known this for long time, but for me at least, this is a useful experience to write and post it here.

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A jQuery Twitter Ticker

I used this hack for my home page and sidebar widgerts. Good for having a try.


In this tutorial we are going to create a pure jQuery & CSS twitter ticker which utilizes Twitter’s Search API. It will show your or your friends’ latest tweets, and will not require any server side code or databases. As a result, the ticker will be easily included into any web page and easily modified to your likings.
Step 1 – XHTML

The XHTML part is quite straightforward.

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