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I am glad for Finalizing: YUI AutoGrids WordPress Theme

AUtogrids Yahoo! UI Theme based on Hybrid Theme by Justin Tadlock

Yes, call it with “domain text: autogrids“, but the complete name for it is “YUI AutoGrids WordPress Theme”, another WordPress theme that I build based upon Hybrid Core Theme by Justin Tadlock

This theme that utilizes the elegant, comprehensive and tidy YUI library is now being presented with more modifications on both sides of the blog.


On the left side of viewer (right side of the screen) is a dynamic extra sidebar” and on your right side or (left side of the screen) is a static one. The static is using sidebar navigation breadcrumbs, the function calls get_template_part(‘loop-nav-sidebar’);

Whereas the dynamic one uses “header sidebar utility”, so it calls a sidebar file. (get_sidebar(‘header-sidebar’);

According to Hybrid Theme do_atomic_rules, I am calling both of them “after_header”. Other themes use “before_primary” hook, but this one uses “after_header” hook because these two extra sidebars need not to be affected by disappearing sidebars in single and home pages.

Nothing will appear when you do not put anything on “header-sidebar” widget space on “wp-admin/widgets.php” section. But on the static sidebar you will see there is no “widgets” available but it is manually done. This is why I call it semi-automatic. It is automatic because sidebar-breadcrumbs will show some information on the current page/ content appearing on the screen. If a category is called, then category descriptions with subcategories and total posts on the category are displayed on sidebar-breadcrumb.

Front Page Layout

It comes with the possibility of utilizing “page-font-page.php” template if one wants to have a Front Page with specific categories and display.

AutoGrids YUI Theme based on Hybrid Theme with Front page
AutoGrids YUI Theme based on Hybrid Theme with Front page

Theme Demo

The Live Demo of the theme can be found at General Themes Demonstration will be available at, however, I am still doing the work so will be coming not long time from now.


Now I invite anybody who wants to join me in this project, I am open to it. Please email me at