Hybrid Twordder WordPress Theme

This theme is primarily using the CSS YUI Grids call that introduced in a WordPress Theme called  “Twordder” by John Turner

I joined this CSS Grids to call Theme Framework developed by my favourite: simplest, and yet robust, most rational, expandable or adjustable and comprehensive WordPress Themed called Hybrid WP Theme developed by Justin Tadlock

This simple combination created a WordPress theme that I cal Hybrid Trowdder.

I only took the YUI CSS Grids call in my “functions.php” file, and brought all Hybrid Theme framework into this CSS Grids.

Twodder Hybrid WordPRess theme by WPYUI.com
Twodder Hybrid WordPRess theme by WPYUI.com

This simple way of calling YUI CSS Grids is a Child Theme of Hybrid Theme by Justin Tadlock. I am deeply indebted to him as my WordPress logic and work had developed drastically when I saw the way he explained WordPress. Simple but at the same complex. It is also a robust theme framework.

This Twodder Hybrid Theme is part of many other things I am doing in relation to WordPress theme.

I am Yikwanak.com, I am doing all these as  Invites to YUI to Talk to WordPress more directly, particularly for elegant display of WordPress Theme.

Twodder Hybrid WordPRess theme by WPYUI.com with Very Simple Accordion Widget
Twodder Hybrid WordPRess theme by WPYUI.com with Very Simple Accordion Widget

I forgot one thing. I am indebted also to Caridy Patiño creator of  YUI Bubbling Liberary who helped me to become friendly with Yahoo! UI.

You can see this picture on the left, it has two widgets with accordion widget because I added Yahoo Bubbling Library, particularly “accordion.css”, “accordin.js” and “core.js” from YUI Bubbling and from YUI I first added “utilities.js” in order to untilize the calling of Bubbling Library.

I know both Patiño and Yahoo! UI already stopped developing what they had started, and YUI Bubbling Library had been shut down. But I am using what they have left for my sidebar widgets