Hybrid YUI Child Theme

WordPress YUI theme, 3 columns
WordPress YUI theme, 3 columns

Hybrid Child YUI is yet another Hybrid Child. with additional YUI CSS Grids. YUI Reset Grids and YUI Reset CSS are added into the sstyle.css file and also there is a special hoook added to “functions.php” file.

In order to call the YUI Grids, there is a special hack in “functions.php” file taht starts with “add_action( ‘after_setup_theme’, ‘yui_grids_after_setup_theme’, 11 );” followed by a fundtion that calls “yui_grids_after_setup_theme'”

With this hack, the theme user can control the width of the theme, as well as the position and size of sidebars.

In addition to the “functions.php” file, there is also addition of two more “sidebars”, the first one is “sidebar-before-container.php” and “sidebar-after-container.php”, both insert YUI CSS Grid classes and IDs in order to help the WordPress.com Theme display accordtion to YUI Grids rules.

YUI-fied Hybrid News WordPress Theme
YUI-fied Hybrid News WordPress Theme

So far I have there ways of implementing YUI CSS Grids, but only one of them is the best for me. The best one is the one that I am using right now in this theme.

There are two screenshots I am displaying in this note. The first one is the Yahoo! WPYUI Theme and the other one I name it “Hybrid News YUI theme”, because the colour of the theme is based upon Hybrid News theme by Justin Tadlock.

The screenshot of Hybrid News Them by Justin Tadlock himself below display the Hybrid Theme in News Blog format, with special hack into the “front-page.php”.

Hybrid News Child Theme ScreenshotI must admit that adapting this Hybrid Theme into Hybrid YUI Theme is not that easy, it took me sometime to finally understand how I can implement hybrid news utilising the YUI CSS Grids framework.

Hybrid News Child Theme Screenshot