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Multi-Column Grid-Style Posts in WordPress

I found this hack is very useful particularly when I was designing my home/ index page display. I wanted my homepage displays news in two, three or four columns. And this hack perfectly fits into this need.

Please go to the source: <>

What you need is just simple php code with simple one line .css style:

There is another similar, but more complex example here: “6 Ways to Display WordPress Post Content in Multiple Columns

Just have a look and see which one suits you best.

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PHP Ease YUI Class Based WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme framework is a custom implementation of our Page class. Tailor made to simplify the process of creating a WordPress theme, while giving you total flexibility and control afterwards. This class will completely separate your page’s content from it’s layout, freeing you from establishing an ugly foundation of inflexible divs. This framework is the cure for the common divitis.

The PHP Ease WordPress Theme Framework is somewhat stylish in it’s own right, but if you don’t make any changes to suit your fancy then you’re not seeing the big picture. Making changes with this framework is so easy, you’ll be a professional WordPress Theme Designer in no time. I have prepared a sample Child Theme that you can use for your own personal playground.

The WordPress Theme Framework that this author develops is quite interesting. He uses classes for each function.

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West Papua Launches New WordPress Themes

Papoo! wP WordPress Theme is based on both the famous and mostly used Hybrid and Sandbox WP Themes Frameworks.

  1. Sandbox Theme Framework:


Once upon a time, I was an actively developing themes and plugins for WordPress. No more. No, I have since moved on to other projects. And while this site is no longer updated, I want it to remain because when I was developing for WordPress, I found referencing other themes and plugins useful, even necessary.

But with the inclusion of the three functions that were the heart and soul of the Sandbox now in the WordPress core, my mark has been made, and there are new directions to go. Those functions, sandbox_body_class(), sandbox_post_class(), and sandbox_comment_class(), can be found in your recent WordPress download, simply renamed as body_class(), post_class(), and comment_class(), respectively. Mission accomplished.

So I hope what I did contribute once upon a time will continue to be of some use to the community. has become a single-page archive of what it was. Enjoy.

2. Hybrid Theme Framework:

It’s been a long, arduous journey these past four months or so, which is how long I’ve been developing this theme.

Hybrid is more than just a WordPress theme. It’s about pushing the limits with what WordPress can do. It’s a framework. Something you can use to build anything from the smallest family blog to a powerful site that handles thousands of visitors a day.

It’s why I created Theme Hybrid. It’s the reason I love working with WordPress.

If I could list all the benefits of this theme without taking up too much of your time, I would. I’ll just give you the short list instead, so you can go ahead and play with the theme:
Developed with child themes in mind, so you’ll never lose your customizations.
SEO optimized. No need for plugins to handle this anymore.
Theme options that are about content/information.
Templates for everything.
13 page templates.
Actively developed for WP 2.7 but backward compatible down to 2.5.
15+ plugins supported within the theme.
Attachment handling like you’ve never experienced.
Advanced breadcrumbs beyond any other theme.
Ability to run just about any type of site.
And over 20 tutorials to start.

Like I said, that’s the short list.

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WordPress – Creating Tab Menus with Yahoo! YUI Tab View

The Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI) is a set of JavaScript utilities and controls, for building interactive web applications. The YUI Tab View is part of that vast library – – it help you to quickly create and design Tab Menus.
The advantage of Tab Views is that they allow you add more content to your web page whilst occupying less space. If well done they won’t slow down website-browsing.

If you’re using the Ndomche Summary Theme – II Columns for WordPress or Blogger, then the best place to insert this tabbed menu is the header — like on this blog. Don’t bother to contact me for more info.

The Steps, please go Here

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Sancta Simplicitas: minimalistic WordPress theme using YUI CSS

Sancta Simplicitas
Sancta Simplicitas: minimalistic WordPress theme using YUI CSS

Sancta Simplicitas is a WordPress theme that uses YUI CSS utilities: reset, base, fonts, grids. It’s very minimalistic in a sense that it’s pretty much all white and simple. Hence the name. The theme is probably not usable by itself, but it’s a base on top of which you can create your own themes.

When creating a new WordPress theme, people usually take the default Kubrick theme but I personally find Kubrick too much. So Sancta Simplicitas has a very minimal stylesheet and is based on the WordPress classic theme.

The fact that it uses YUI grids makes it trivial to tweak: fixed size vs full width, width of the sidebar, position of the sidebar. Basically right after the there’s this:
<div id=”doc3″ class=”yui-t5″>

Changing the id doc3 to doc, doc2, doc4 or doc5 will give you different widths of the content. The default doc3 is full width. Then changing the class name yui-t5 will give you different position and width of the sidebar. yui-t1, yui-t2 and yui-t3 put the sidebar on the left hand side, yui-t4, yui-t5 and yui-t6 place it to the right. You can go even crazier from here, nesting grids to get a two-column sidebar and so on, it’s really easy with YUI grids and the docs are here.
Download Sancta Simplicitas