West Papua WordPress

I want to call myself West Papua WordPress or WPWP because I have not yet seen any West Papua so far (Until today 10 June 2017) that openly speaks about WordPress other than myself. I have search online, check blogs around to see if any West Papuan blogging using WordPress, but not so many of us are utilising this free of charge, democratic blogging platform that generously presented to human development by its original developers.

I will search the google.com later who actually founded WordPress.com but I am sure you guys are the some of those liberated, democratic, humane beings ever been born into this body, and your spirit after your death will be the liberated spirits, hovering the universe in happiness and joy.

WPWP is a personal project. The main purpose is to develop WordPress theme utilising two platforms and frameworks available right now: 1. wordpress.com blogging platform for content of my blogs, and 2. Yahoo! User Interface Library, particularly YUI CSS Framework for elegant layout and display, as well as for easy of accessing the contents.