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Three Types of WPYUI Themes

Hybrid Child Theme, extended functionalities by themes based on Yahoo! UI Library is initiated by Yikwanak Kole and right now being updated after a few months by two other people interested in the work initiated some 10 years ago.

All WPYUI Themes are build based on the Rock-Solid Hybrid Theme Framework by Justin Tadlock.

I know that Justin already developed a new Theme Framework that he calls “Stargazer”, for Yikwanak Kole, the original Hybrid Theme framework is still the best and most logical as well as most expandable theme framework for basic wordpress learners.

WPYUI Themes appear in three major types. The first one is more simple and pure form of YUI WP Themes. Please visit to see this simple theme, as well as http:// and http://

THis is “SImple YUI” Theme

Another one is primarily based on the YUI Bubbling LIbrary by Caidy Patino some years back. The colour is milky one. Please refer to http:// for this type.

WordPress Bubbling Library Theme
WordPress Bubbling Library Theme

The third one is as can be seen here and This is simple but also based on YUI Bubbling LIbrary, but utilizing YUI.2.2 library.

Wordpress Post Tag on the Top Right of Header by Jhon Kwano
WordPress Post Tag on the Top Right of Header by Jhon Kwano